The No.1 is NOT what you'd expect.
Whether you fancy a bullet vibrator or a butt plug, there are a whole host of sex toys out there to get your hands on. From silent vibrators, to oral sex simulators, to magic wands, the choice is literally endless. But with people still being so secretive about what they get up to in the bedroom, we don't tend to share publicly exactly what kind of products we're purchasing and using.
However, a new YouGov poll has revealed everything about the UK's sex toy habits, including the profession most likely to own and use sex toys. And it's definitely not what you'd expect.
According to the research, the job which sees most employees buying sex toys is accountants, with 64% of accountants surveyed who have used sex toys also owning at least one sex toy. Accountants were also found to be having the most sex compared to any other profession, with 20% of accountants having sex at least once a day. All those numbers must get boring, right?
Also, let's not kid ourselves, if you're in a job earning a decent salary, you probably have the disposable income to spare on pleasure.
The job category second most likely to own sex toys is medical and healthcare professionals, according to the research commissioned by 54% of medical and healthcare professionals surveyed who've used sex toys own at least one sex toy, with 3% of medical workers also being revealed to own more than 10 sex toys.

Medicine is closely followed by people working in Education, with 52% of Education professionals who've used them owning at least one sex toy. The people owning the least sex toys are those working in IT and Telecoms, with 34% who've used sex toys owning one, followed by 32% of retail workers, with manufacturing professionals down at the bottom with only 30% owning sex toys.

The research also revealed the most popular kinds of sex toy for people of different ages, with 18 to 24-year-olds preferring anal toys and VR porn, and 25 to 34-year-olds most enjoying kink toys, strap-ons and masturbators.

35 to 44-year-olds preferred dildos and nipple toys, while 45 to 54-year-olds went for vibrators and cock rings. Useful knowledge for when you're doing that last minute Christmas shopping?

BRB, just googling how to become an accountant.


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